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Face Masks (8-7-2020).jpg
Nineteen beautiful face masks handsewn by Elaine Emery for the patrons of the West Paris Library. Given to the Library on August 7th, 2020.

West Paris Historical Society (9-1-2020).jpg
West Paris Historical Society meetings cancelled until further notice. Photo taken September 1st, 2020.

West Paris Historical Society Sign (9-1-2020).jpg
West Paris Historical Society Sign. Photo taken September 1st, 2020.

WPL Signage (8-10-2020).jpg
COVID-19 Prevention signage on the side door of the West Paris Public Library

Cemetery Tour.png
Norway Historical Society and the Universalist Unitarian Church, Norway held tours of Rustfield Cemetery October 30 and 31. This was in lieu of the Norway Trolley Tour in September. This was a way for the public to appreciate some of Norway's…

Paris Town Office (10-4-2020).jpg
Front entrance

We are all in this together (10-4-2020).jpg
Window decoration honoring those on the frontlines

Snow Falls 1 (10-4-2020).jpg
Snow Falls

Snow Falls 2 (10-4-2020).jpg
Snow Falls

Snow Falls 3 (10-4-2020).jpg
Snow Falls
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