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A wife's heartfelt account of her husband being in and passing in a nursing home during COVID. She also discusses the aftermath of this, how different holidays are, and what she has done to get through it.

Social distancing rules sign located at Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine.

People standing outside Trader Joe's waiting to shop; social distancing style

All areas of Norway Memorial Library had to have glass protection around desks and the children's room was no exception.

When library patrons return books from Norway Memorial Library or other libraries, they have to wait for three days before they can be checked in.

Interlibrary Loan bags with books in them from other libraries have to wait three days once they are delivered through the Freedom Express truck before they can be unpacked and given to the patrons that have them on hold. It was found through theā€¦

Since the public enjoys reading the library's daily Sun Journals and Portland Press Heralds, the sign is to make people aware that multiple people may touch the newspapers.

Since our study rooms are small, it was recommended for us to close them to stop the spread of coronavirus. The study rooms became the ideal place to quarantine library materials returned or interlibrary loan books in bags.

my experiences during this pandemic

High Street Elm - West Paris (10-4-2020).jpg
High Street Elm in the Fall
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